Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tiled 0.5.1 released

Tiled 0.5.1 is certainly late, and thus a number of requests have built up while we've been busy with other projects. It is a step closer to the stability we hope to achieve, and it adds some of the features that have been asked for.

  • Added a checkerboard background to tileset palette
  • Added support for layer locking (not editable when locked)
  • Added support for tmx.gz map files
  • Added selection addition and substraction via Shift and Ctrl respectively
  • Improved the drawing speed thanks to some thorough testing and suggestions (Jerome Blouin)
  • Improved transformation so that it respects selections
  • Fixed the "Save As Image" feature to use current zoom level
  • Fixed drawing on invisible layers
  • Fixed selection rectangle to include one more tile
  • Fixed loading of plugins that only do export and no import
  • Fixed removing tilesets in the Tileset Manager
  • Fixed image loading to ensure hardware acceleration is used where possible in Java 1.4 and above (Jerome Blouin)
  • Fixed a NullPointerException when loading TSX files as imported tilesets
  • Fixed an "Unsupported protocol" error when loading TMX files which referenced an external tileset under certain conditions
  • Fixed a ClassCastException when loading GIFs as tilesets