Monday, January 28, 2013

Tiled Qt 0.9.0 released

At long last there is a new feature release of Tiled! Ever since 0.8 was released new features have kept accumulating at pretty much the usual pace, so there is a lot of new stuff in this one. It's hard to pick favourites, so I'll only highlight a couple.

Several new dockable windows have been added. There's now a file system view, an object list and a mini-map. These should really help navigating your ever growing world.

Also, many improvements have been made to the automapping system, which can now produce object layers and apply rules while editing. New in this area is the terrain tool, which really helps if its corner-based algorithm works with your tiles.

Here follows the full list of changes:

  • Added objects dock and per-object visibility toggle (by Tim Baker)
  • Added maps dock (by Tim Baker)
  • Added terrain tool for automatic terrain transitions (by Manu Evans)
  • Added a minimap (by Christoph Schnackenberg)
  • Added a staggered isometric map renderer, still without object layer support
  • Added basic image layer support (by Gregory Nickonov and Alexander Kuhrt)
  • Added display of current layer to the status bar (by Tim Baker)
  • Added editable combo box for changing the zoom level (by Tim Baker)
  • Added support for multiple input layers to automapping (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added option to apply automapping rules while editing (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added a converter to update old automapping rules (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added support for objects layers to automapping (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added support for random mode to the fill tool (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added Replica Island plugin (by Eric Kidd)
  • Added option to change the grid color (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added support for ellipse objects (by devnewton and Christoph Schnackenberg)
  • Added name labels for objects on isometric maps (by Andrew Motrenko)
  • Added map property for changing the background color (by Emmanuel Barroga)
  • Added shortcut to manually reload tilesets (Ctrl-T) (by Michael Williams)
  • Added toggle for showing tile object outlines
  • Added support for pinch zooming (by Pierre-David Bélanger)
  • Added initial (non-GUI) support for individual and/or embedded tile images (by Petr Viktorin)
  • Added reading support to Flare plugin (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added a TMX rasterizer command line tool (by Vincent Petithory)
  • Added man pages and desktop file (by Erik Schilling)
  • Made the size and position of most dialogs persistent
  • Respect the original layer data format of a loaded map (by Ben Longbons)
  • Marked Tiled as high-resolution capable on Mac OS X
  • Improved handling of external tilesets in Lua export
  • Reverted tilesets view back to tabs, but with menu button (by Stefan Beller)
  • Allowed plugins to support multiple file name filters (by Samuli Tuomola)
  • Allow saving in any format that can also be read (by Stefan Beller)
  • Fixed eraser skipping tiles when moving fast
  • Fixed bug in Flare plugin (by Clint Bellanger)
  • Fixed compile against Qt 5 (by Kenney Phillis)
  • Fixed resolving of symbolic links while loading map
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after trying to load a faulty map
  • Updated Portuguese, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew and Czech translations (thanks to all translators!)

As evident by the above changelog, this release is the result of a record number of contributors (a total of 33 since 0.8.1). A big thanks to everybody who opened pull requests and persisted through the code reviews!

For authors of frameworks and libraries supporting the TMX format, I've summarized the additions on the wiki.