Friday, October 24, 2014

Tiled 0.10.2 released

Another small bugfix release, fixing a potential crash and a host of smaller issues. The changelog:

  • Fixed hit area for polygon nodes when editing polygons while zoomed in or out
  • Fixed another possible crash in the orthogonal renderer
  • Fixed Select All action to work for object layers
  • Fixed map pixel size preview for staggered maps
  • Fixed repainting issues when tiles extend beyond their layer boundaries
  • Fixed repainting issues when using tiles smaller than the grid size
  • Display errors non-modal when applying automatic automapping rules
  • Flare plugin: Fixed coordinate format for import and export (by Justin Jacobs)
  • Lua plugin: Write out Image layer position
  • Small updates to the Italian translation (by Omnomnobot)

Meanwhile, I'm making progress on adding support for hexagonal maps and plan to release Tiled 0.11 as soon as this is complete. You can already try the support for "pointy topped" staggered hexagonal maps in the daily builds!

Finally, there is now a Tiled community forum. I plan to post weekly development updates there and of course any other Tiled-related topics are welcome there too!