Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tiled 0.7.0 released

At long last we have a new stable Tiled release! I'd like to thank all who have contributed to this release. Tiled 0.7.0 has seen more contributions from the community than any previous release! Changes since the previous release:

  • Added support for arbitrary objects and zones placement (by ElvenProgrammer)
  • Added ability to create stamp brushes from the tile palette
  • Added import/export of configuration
  • Added option to automatically open the last map on startup (by Pedro Miller)
  • Added option to include comments in .tmx map files when saving
  • Added refresh tilesets action (by Pedro Miller)
  • Added remembering of the main window size
  • Added saving of DOCTYPE declaration in .tmx files
  • Added live brush preview for the stamp brush
  • Updated the DTD and added it to the website (by Olivier Beaton)
  • Reanabled the hexagonal map view (by Matthias Kievernagel)
  • Tiles and layers panels are now both floatable and dockable
  • Report out of memory error when saving map as image
  • Properties table now displays the properties in alphabetical order
  • Properties are now saved in the .tmx format in alphabetical order
  • Multiline properties are now saved as character data instead of as attribute
  • Fixed properties dialog to also save values that were still being edited
  • Fixed automatically adding the file extension when not given
  • Fixed save as image to work with more formats and to confirm overwrite
  • Worked around an issue with the open file dialog on GNU classpath
  • Worked around an issue with setting a null cursor on GNU classpath

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