Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tiled Qt 0.5.0 released

At long last I managed to finish another release, with the main aim to add the last glaring missing features compared to the old Java version. This included mostly tileset management, and support for input/output plugins.

There have also been some new contributors. Andrew G. Crowell made the layer actions accessible via a right-click menu and in a small toolbar. Michael Woerister enhanced the object properties dialog with additional fields to change the position and size. Finally, Janis Kirsteins added a Latvian translation. Thanks! Also thanks to all the existing translators who have updated their translation to the new release! The full list of changes:

  • Added support for import and export plugins
  • Added support for external tilesets
  • Added undo for adding tilesets and ability to remove tilesets
  • Added error handling to the New Tileset dialog
  • Added ability to change tileset order by dragging them around
  • Added option to draw the tile grid when saving as image
  • Added a context menu and tool buttons to the layer dock
  • Added Latvian translation
  • Added an install target to the Makefile
  • Open local files when they are dropped onto Tiled
  • Allow changing position and size of objects in the Object Properties dialog
  • Fixed rendering issues with tiles wider than the tile width of the map
  • Fixed eraser and fill tool working on invisible layers
  • Fixed a crash when using some tools when no map is loaded
  • Fixed compile errors related to detecting static builds
  • Fixed the Save dialog not suggesting any particular file extension
  • Updated Japanese, Dutch, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Portuguese and Spanish translations

As needed to allow plugins, part of Tiled is now in a small shared library. In the future I intend to also move the map reader and renderer into this library so that it can be re-used by games implemented using Qt. I'm also adding a Java version of this library.


  1. You make a very good job !
    I hardly follow your release...

    But, I'm sorry to totaly aggred to what alijaya said...

  2. @alijaya, @Psycho

    I'd love to put up a Mac package, but I don't have a Mac so I could use some help. "gosub" on the IRC channel has been giving it a try but without luck so far. Maybe together you can figure it out?

  3. Please make ability for rotating objects! The property :)

  4. I will give the whole Mac build issue a crack this weekend--but no promises on success, since others have tried and failed :). The artist for our project is using OS X (of course) and is frustrated at not being able to remove tilesets. This is a very cool tool to use... hopefully as I get more familiar with it I can start to contribute!

  5. tiled-qt-0.5.0/tests is broken example.
    Can you fix it.
    I need exemple via view center to a char, ... then I wish see this exemple.

  6. @Thorbjørn Lindeijer

    Unfortunatly, I can't help a lot on this task... I really don't know how to make a package...
    Who made the package for version 0.4.0 ?

    Thank's trying help us Matt.

  7. For mac:

  8. I just switched from the Java version cause of the tileset mananger. I will say I'm impressed how much smoother it runs then the Java. I just wish it "save as image" the same size as the java version, also why did the zoom in hot key get changed from the Java version. I can deal with it but its so alien. Anyways I can't wait to see what is next! By far my favorite Tiled released.

  9. @x32

    It's a planned feature, but it could take a long time before I'd get around to it. If you really need it then it's best to implement it yourself.


    I'll fix the test, thanks for reporting it. I tried your package on a Mac at work, but it crashed on startup due to the following problem:

    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: QtGui.framework/Versions/4/QtGui
    Referenced from: /Volumes/Tiled/
    Reason: image not found

    I think the reason is probably that libtiled needs some additional patching up. This is also the problem that user "gosub" on IRC ran into.


    The "Save As Image" dialog has a checkbox saying "Use current zoom level". Leave this checked and you should get the same behaviour as with Tiled Java, which as far as I know saved the image at the size the map was displayed at. About changing the zoom hot key, I'll make Ctrl+= also work in the Qt version.

  10. Hi,

    is there any chance to set properties to cells? no just tileID.

    Good Job there man.

  11. @Arrecio

    You'd have to use an object layer for that. When you hold Ctrl while moving/resizing objects, they will snap to the tile grid.

  12. Thank you Thorbjørn, and everyone else who contributes to Tiled. I am using it for level design on my first game for the Android platform, a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up. All of your hard work is very much appreciated.

  13. @alijaya, @Psycho, @Matt Brock, @BRULE

    A Mac OS X release of Tiled Qt 0.5.0 is now available thanks to Jeff Bland! He created a script that builds the release, which has been added to the repository, so future Mac OS X releases should be easy to make as well.

    @Andrew Smith

    You're welcome, and good luck with your project! :-)

  14. Thorbjørn,

    Great tool, thanks for all the hard work.

    One suggestion that I think would make Tiled's object layers alot more flexible would be:

    Allow the user to choose from a basic list of shapes for an object's visual representation...Even just Circle, Line, Or Parallelagram (in addition to the Rect type currently available) would add alot of flexibility.

    Since it is the object layer, not sure why the limitation of everything to be rects, but a few more choices would make creating/designing in Tiled alot more flexible.

    By the way, I am not suggesting changing the way the coord data is stored in the XML (being the coords of the enclosing rect). I am just talking about the visual representation, which in effect would be simply adding/reading one more property for a given object (ie: shape) and then drawing it as specified.

    I realize that there are probably other items on the TODO, but I just thought it was worth mentioning as a possible eventual feature. I tried adding it in the BugTracker (as a feature request), but it would not allow me to (gave me an error when trying to choose between java and QT versions)

    Again, great work.

  15. Any issues with .5 under 10.6.4? I get all sorts of console errors and the app won't run:

    oreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `libtiled.1.0.dylib': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `libtiled.1.dylib': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `libtiled.dylib': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `Headers': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `QtCore': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `4.0': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `Current': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `Headers': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `QtGui': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `Resources': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `4.0': 93
    CoreServicesUIAg[28166] Unable to clear quarantine `Current': 93


  16. *Fixed rendering issues with tiles wider than the tile width of the map

    A couple days ago I've made the same in java version for our project.
    It's strange for me, why you do not centering tiles?

  17. @Questor

    It would definitely not be a bad idea to support some more object shapes. I'll add it to the bug tracker.


    Hmm, I haven't seen that error before. Maybe another Mac user has an idea?


    This seemed to me the most reliable option. When centering the tiles their image may no longer align to the grid, which would be hard to correct for. Maybe you'd like to turn it into an option though.

  18. Just a little comment: Thank you so much for a fantastic piece of software!

  19. Huzzah, even a Mac release! Thank you, this is a fantastic tool.

  20. First of all: Great job!
    Have a (stupid) question: How can I add a tileset image in the newest (Mac) release. Have tried everything i think...

  21. @Zephyris, @Alex, @roger

    Thanks for all the praise!

    roger, the way tileset images are added hasn't changed. It should be possible through the menu Map -> New Tileset... as usual. Consider asking such questions on IRC, which should usually yield faster answers. :-)

  22. I downloaded Tiled DEB and its source code earlier today but I immediately noticed that the menus and the tiles tab weren't displayed correctly. They look distorted and the place where they should be rendered is completely black... I hope you already noticed this and are able to provide some kind of solution to this weird issue. I'm using Kubuntu LL. I'm not sure why it didn't work if it includes Qt 4.6.2

  23. @Thorbjørn Lindeijer (and Jeff Bland off course), thanks a lot...

    I'll try it as soon as possible :)

  24. Hi, Thank you for the great software! I have two questions:
    1. Can we have a object set to reuse just like tile set? As I want to create a bunch of monsters with hp, attacks and defense, each type of monsters have same attributes and are more than one tile in size.
    2. Why the image src of object has to be a single image, can we target it to a set of tile?

  25. @shadowball

    I've never heard of that problem, sorry.


    Allowing tiles to be used as objects is on the list of things to do for a future version of Tiled. There is a repository with some work done on this on, check out lithanders-tiled-qt if you're interested.

  26. Would it be possible to include an option to place tiles at random?
    Like if I had 5 different grass or water tiles, it would place randomly one as you drag for more variation.

    Another variant of this is a border drawing option. If you drag horizontally, the program places from the left/right tiles and vertically from the up/down tiles.

  27. Can we define a tile on the map as an animation(a set of images)? For example, I have an animation of monster, I want to put it into a tile and can preview it.

  28. @Mike, @Sharyu

    All good suggestions! Feel free to add them to the Bug Tracker (linked in the sidebar), so that they don't get lost.

    Btw, please don't be too afraid to consider diving into the code, since I don't have that much free time. I've taken great care to make it as understandable as possible. Just join the IRC channel if you have any questions.

  29. Thank you for this amazing piece of software. This will save me some time!

  30. Object location/stretching oddity in Tiled 0.5.0.
    Is anyone aware of a bug where the object placement is offset upon save? Apparently you have to go back to Tiled 3.1 to avoid this.

    Here are screen shots showing the behavior.
    1)objets in their proper place
    2) same file re-opened after save.

  31. @stahlmandesign

    Whoops, I mixed up tile width/height there! I've pushed a fix to the git repository, so if you compile it from there it should work fine now. Thanks for letting me know.

  32. Where can i get MORE images to work with, instead of just those grey walls??

  33. @Board to Death

    The images shipping with Tiled are just examples, and not meant to be enough to actually create a game. I think for most games people prefer draw their own tiles, but you can also find free artwork on the internet, for example at


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