Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tiled Qt 0.7.0 released

Tiled currently seems to be on a biannual release schedule regarding its new feature releases, though this is entirely unintentional. The important part is that quite some nice features have been developed again!

It's now finally possible to select multiple objects and copy/paste them. A bunch of other productivity enhancements were also made like cropping to selection, shortcuts to change layer, improved hand scrolling with spacebar, toggling visibility of other layers, etc.

A new feature was added that required changing the map format a little as well. Tiled is now able to flip tiles horizontally and vertically (using the 'x' and 'y' keys repectively). This information is stored in the highest two bits of the global tile IDs, so that tile layer data remains compatible if you don't use this feature.

The full list of changes:

  • Added support for horizontal and vertical flipping of tiles (sponsored by Zipline Games)
  • Added copy/paste support for objects
  • Added merge layer down action
  • Added Show or Hide all Other Layers action (by Christophe Conceicao)
  • Added actions to select the previous/next layer
  • Added Crop to Selection action
  • Added a Lua export plugin (sponsored by Zipline Games)
  • Added Droidcraft plugin to read and export the map files (by seeseekey)
  • Added option to turn off grid in the tileset view (by Gregory Nickonov)
  • Added hand scrolling while holding the spacebar
  • Made the object context menu available in all object tools
  • Display tile coordinates also when using object tools
  • Various improvements to running external commands (by Jeff Bland)
  • Automapping stability and memory consumption improvements (by Stefan Beller)
  • Objects that fall outside of the map on resize are now removed (by Stefan Beller)
  • Fixed problems with watching tilesets multiple times
  • Fixed several issues related to restoring previously opened files (by Stefan Beller)
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Dutch and French translations (thanks to all translators!)

Lastly I want to say, Tiled is shaped by your feedback and those who help improve it. If you have an itch or a suggestion, please do report an issue. Or better yet, fork Tiled on github and work with us on the next release!


  1. Looks like it's incompatible with all earlier versions.. I opened up an older level (designed in Tiled Qt 0.6.something) and re-saved it, and my game started reading tile ID's that were < 0. Hmmm.

  2. @Josh Forde

    Hmm, are you sure you didn't flip a tile? Please provide me with your map file if you can (and please use the issue tracker for reporting issues :)).

  3. Hey, sorry, I was wrong about the old version number. The version I had originally created my levels in was 0.5.2.. quite a leap, so no wonder there's an incompatibility. ;) The same incompatibility exists in the jump from 0.5.2 to 0.6.0, I guess I just never updated...

  4. @Josh Forde

    Hmm, still even from 0.5.2 to 0.6.0 there wasn't expected to be any breakage either. Anyway, if you ever see the problem again please do open an issue on the bug tracker. The only way I can see a negative tile ID coming up is when you have flipped tiles on your map but load the global tile ID into a signed 32-bit integer (as Tiled versions prior to 0.7.0 also did).

  5. I submitted an issue on the Issue Tracker for it just now, complete with a 0.5.1 re-saved file and a 0.7.0 re-saved file.. hopefully that should help give some insight into what's going on. I'll just continue using 0.5.1 in the meantime...

    (note that in my previous comments, I meant 0.5.1 when I said 0.5.2.. not sure if there's any difference between the two as far as this issue is concerned, but what I've been using is 0.5.1)

  6. Oops, found out what the problem was -- I was using the wrong type of compression! My "good" file (saved in 0.5.1) was gzip, while the newer was saved in zlib.. perhaps the default compression method was changed.

    Sorry about that. All is well.

  7. Yes, that's the point, the default compression was changed.
    That brings some problems to some more game developers than you ( had some problems as well) ;)

  8. I just started using this program for the first time today; lucky me, it's a new version! Anyway, it appears that the auto-refresh of tileset files only works for 1 refresh, then stops. I'm using Photoshop CS1 to save out tilesets in .PNG format; I can see that when I make a change to my image in save, the tileset updates, but then subsequent changes to not get updated. Not a deal breaker since I can just close and open the map file to refresh.

  9. Finally, Thank you :)

    But where the OS X build ?

  10. Are examples or docs on making an export plugin? (Cool program, btw)

  11. >
    > Are examples or docs on making an export plugin? (Cool program, btw)
    All existing plugins are examples how you could do it ;)
    The complete sources of all the program can be found here

    In the subtree src/plugins there are all the existing plugins.

    > But where the OS X build ?
    That is not yet done. It will be there in a few days.

  12. Hello,

    Is there a way to create custom tile sets, i mean tile pieces with different dimensions? So if there is a large piece in the image that would use like 80x80px, but small ones 20x20 so on. I can write x,y coordinates manually but the program is modable enough to read it? Maybe it will require some fundemental changes in the code to do that. Anyways i am not a programmer btw:P just want to know if this is possible and how much work needed?

  13. See the import tileset dialog,
    there you can set the tile dimensions for each imported tileset.
    (Within one tileset, the dimension of each tile are the same)

  14. "(Within one tileset, the dimension of each tile are the same)" the problem is; does it have to be? this is what i am looking for, various dimensions for each tile in one tileset:)

  15. Nope that is not possible, unless you spend some time in refactoring tiled ;)

    Why don't you just use multiple tilesets? (There it works out of the box... Or do you have some constraints there?)

  16. @rom, Stefan Beller

    Support for tile sets that contain tiles of different sizes is planned and somebody has already done some work on that, but at the moment it is not supported. It is definitely interesting to support this since often it can be convenient to have tiles of different sizes in one set.

    @Tom Happ

    Sounds like a bug, I'll have to remember to try to reproduce this sometime.

  17. @Thorbjørn Lindeijer

    Hm, nice to hear. Impatiently waiting for it:) I have a two image system in mind, one is a greyscale image, will contain the bounding boxes of each tile and should be drawn by hand with every box would be different tone. Second is the actual image of course. A tool that will read the coordinates from grayscale image and use it to create tileset.

    @Stefan Beller

    There are many different tiles with different dimensions. There are over hundered tiles, one is a 20x45 other is a 40x125 tile, all have unique heights, only widths are multiples of 20px.

    Its indeed impossible with multiple tilesets but with some programming, that i'll try (not me really, i'll force my programmers here :)

    Thank you both.

  18. Tom Happ's problem occures for me too. It happens all the time. Just one refresh then stops doing it.

  19. @Tom Happ, rom

    Hmm, since I don't have Photoshop I tried to reproduce the problem in Paint, but it seems to be working just fine. Do you have the same problem with Paint? And what about after restarting Photoshop?

  20. You mean order of running programs would effect the situation? I havent tried in paint(I will tomorrow), it maybe a photoshop thing but wierd cause the file changes anyway, it should just detect that change, nothing to do with photoshop. I am using png files btw.

  21. @rom

    It would indeed be strange, but files can be changed in different ways and I'm just looking for a way to reproduce the issue. Btw, you may want to report it as a bug since the bug tracker is a bit more suitable for follow-up discussion.

  22. Hi!
    I noticed a lack of .rpm for fedora so I searched.
    please add this to your home page!

  23. @infinitésimoCidadão

    Hmm, that's nice but those packages are severely out of date. :/

  24. Hey Infinitésimo:

    I created a personal repository. The welcome page is super crude (Proudly built in vi), but you can find it in

    What you'll find there is a k3rnel.repo which you need to place in /etc/yum.repos.d/

    Once that's done, getting tiled is as simple as yum install tiled-qt.

    I promise to stay up to date with tiled development, so once an update hits, you'll get it by yum updating normally.

  25. @olivierbiot

    MacOS X build is now available thanks to Jeff Bland!

  26. Could we please please get a asset library search bar? We have dozens of asset tabs and it's hard to maintain.

  27. Hello,
    Is there a way to convert tile layers to object layers?

  28. @rom

    Not at the moment. Interesting feature request.


    Thanks for opening an issue about that on github. :-)

  29. How do I export a tileset (tsx file) from one map so that I can use it in another? I see the "Add External Tileset" option, but no way to save or crate a tileset.

  30. @Seanba I know it's a bit hidden, but you can export a tileset by right-clicking on the tileset view and choosing the 'Export Tileset As...' action.

  31. Hi Thorbjørn / Jeff Bland,

    It appears that Tiled 0.7.0 Mac OS X requires Lion. Is that true? I'm running Snow Leopard (the 2nd to latest version of Mac OS X) and it gives the error:

    "You can't open the application Tiled because it is not supported on this type of Mac."

  32. @NMW Snow Leopard should be supported, but unfortunately only on the x64 architecture and not x86 for now.

  33. Hi, I take it that mac OS X Tiger (10.4) isn't supported?
    Yes I know I'm long overdue for an upgrade!

  34. Can't find how to export tilesets to .tsx in the Windows version as described above. Any help?

  35. @Unknown

    That comment was written for Tiled 0.7. Since Tiled 0.8, the "Export Tileset" action is on a button below the tileset rather than in the right-click menu.


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