Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated Ubuntu packages and daily builds

Thanks to the efforts of Erik Schilling, there are once again updated Tiled packages available for all recent versions of Ubuntu (or derivatives like Mint). Not only this, but the new official PPA also contains a tiled-daily package that is updated whenever changes are pushed into the repository.

Actually daily builds for Windows have been available since a long time, thanks to Stefan Beller. I've now added a link to these to the sidebar as well.

If you want to see what's new in the daily builds, keep an eye on the commit log of the master branch, on which these builds are based.


  1. Hello
    How in the world do you actually use the program in Ubuntu? I just have a bunch of source files I don't know what to do

  2. @halalhassen

    It sounds like you downloaded the source release. If you want you can try compiling them to a runnable program yourself, but the easier way is to add the PPA mentioned in this blog post and use "apt-get install tiled" to install a runnable version of Tiled on your system.


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