Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tiled 0.10 released

It took a very long time for me to get around to this release. In part because my spare time has gotten very limited, but it's also because there were constantly many new features to be added. Either from contributors via pull requests or for sponsors needing particular functionality. Both are very good and very welcome, but I will do my best not to let the next release become as big!

In the UI the most visible change may be the new Properties dock, which should be a lot more pleasant to work with than the previous solution. A less obvious one bit still very useful is the support for writing import/export plugins in Python. I've written about both of these features in a previous post.

Apart from that there are just too many new features to talk about, so here's the full list of changes:

  • Added object rotation (sponsored by Ben Wales)
  • Added support for explicit object ordering (sponsored by Ben Wales)
  • Added new Properties window with a rewritten properties editor
  • Added support for writing plugins in Python (by Samuli Tuomola)
  • Added image collection tilesets (sponsored by Jamie Rocks)
  • Added map file watching and automatic reloading (sponsored by
  • Added support for moving objects with arrow keys (sponsored by Ben Wales)
  • Added a 'snap to fine grid' option (by Xenodora)
  • Added support for JavaScript (JSONP) load/save (by Dobes Vandermeer)
  • Added more zoom levels (by Joel Leclerc)
  • Added shortcuts for finishing and canceling object creation
  • Added a tile collision editor for defining collision shapes on tiles
  • Added a tile animation editor and play defined animations
  • Allow changing properties of multiple objects/tiles simultanously (by Parker Miller)
  • Added tile rendering-order map property (by Lennert Raesch)
  • Added support for changing the object line width
  • Added support for CSV-encoded layers to libtiled-java (by Alexei Bratuhin)
  • Added support for ellipse and polygon objects to libtiled-java (by Hendrik Brummermann)
  • Added terrain properties to JSON export (by Dennis Hostetler)
  • Added support for moving image layers in the Properties window (by Michael Aquilina)
  • Added option to include background image when saving as image (by Sean Humeniuk)
  • Added options to control layer visibility to tmxrasterizer (by Nathan Tolbert)
  • Added display of tile ID in status bar (by Champi080)
  • Added support for objects on staggered isometric maps (by Remco Kuijper)
  • Added support for staggered maps to tmxviewer and tmxrasterizer
  • Added a tool for moving the image of an image layer (by Mattia Basaglia)
  • Added button to the tileset dock as shortcut to add a tileset (by Erik Schilling)
  • Allow changing order of open document tabs (by Sean Humeniuk)
  • Changed object position and size units from tiles to pixels (by mauve)
  • Allow adding multiple tilesets at once (by mauve)
  • Make highlighted grid cells outside map red (by Sean Humeniuk)
  • Allow changing the drawing offset of a tileset
  • Fixed hang on Mac OS X when drawing certain ellipse objects
  • Fixed removal of polygon/polyline objects when resizing a map
  • Fixed writing of tile offset in the Lua export
  • Fixed updating of image layer when changing its image
  • Fixed start drag distance check when editing polygons and moving objects
  • Fixed console output of tmxrasterizer on Windows
  • Raise the Layers dock for editing a new layer's name
  • Avoid saving truncated files when compiled against Qt 5.1 or higher (by Erik Schilling)
  • Made Tiled registering *.tmx as MIME-type (by Erik Schilling)
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (by Yehnan Chiang)
  • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish translations

As with the last new feature release, the above list mentions many people who have contributed new features and fixes to this release. Thanks to everybody for putting in that extra effort!

Finally, if you want to help out by giving me more time to maintain and develop Tiled, consider donating or becoming a sponsor. Your money will count 100% towards my motivation and eventually to reducing my work hours so that I can dedicate significant amount of time to Tiled and maybe even a successor. A big thanks to all who have already donated or are sponsoring Tiled, since you are making this possible!


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