Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tiled Qt 0.8.0 released

If all you wanted for Christmas was a new Tiled release, it's time to start thinking about a new present!

This release adds some major new features like polygon objects, JSON import and export, tile rotation and drawing offset. Many smaller changes and additions were made as well, so there should be something for everybody. The full list of changes:

  • Added support for polygon and polyline objects (sponsored by Zipline Games)
  • Added support for tile rotation (by Wade Brainerd)
  • Added support for defining the color of custom object types (sponsored by Zipline Games)
  • Added a Delete action to delete selected tiles or objects (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added random mode to the stamp brush (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added Flare export plugin (by Stefan Beller and Clint Bellanger)
  • Added JSON plugin that supports both reading and writing (by Porfírio Ribeiro)
  • Added ability to rename tilesets (by Maus)
  • Added a mode in which the current layer is highlighted
  • Added support for specifying a tile drawing offset (sponsored by Clint Bellanger)
  • Added a shortcut (Alt+C) to copy the current tile position to clipboard (by Stefan Beller)
  • Added a command line option to disable OpenGL
  • Allow custom properties on tilesets
  • Many automapping improvements (by Stefan Beller)
  • Improved tileset dock to handle a large amount of tilesets better (by Maus)
  • Made the 'Show Grid' option in the tileset view persistent
  • Raised the tile size limit in the New Tileset dialog from 999 to 9999
  • Correctly handle changes in the width of a tileset image (by Adam Rippon)
  • Worked around a long standing crash bug
  • Added Russian translation (by Alex Vega)
  • Updated the German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French and Brazilian Portuguese translations (thanks to all translators!)

As the above list shows, many of the new features were either sponsored or developed by contributors, thanks a lot to all who've helped shape this release!