Sunday, February 1, 2015

Request for patrons to boost further Tiled development

Increasingly, just responding to Tiled feature requests and usage questions is taking so much of my time that it leaves barely any time for working on new features. Not only has the pace of incoming requests increased, but my spare time is also still getting smaller with my daughter growing up and a second child on the way. As nice as it is to grow a family, not having time to make often requested improvements to Tiled is also frustrating.

I want to fix this, but I can't do it by sacrificing my weekend or by working in the evenings. Instead, I'll need to give up part of my full time job. I'm asking for your support in making this possible, with monthly donations to offset the otherwise lost income. I've chosen Patreon as the platform for this.

Tiled is free software and any improvements will be available to everybody, but the rewards on Patreon are only available to patrons so check them out! Suggestions for other rewards are also welcome.

Apart from the rewards there are Milestone Goals. These clearly communicate several milestones of support and what I would be able to give back in return. Each amount includes German income taxes of about 35%.

  • $500 per month - This milestone, in addition to existing income from advertising sponsors, allows me to work one full day a week on Tiled.
  • $1500 per month - This milestone allows me to work two full days a week on Tiled.
  • $5000 per month - When support for Tiled reaches this level, I'll commit to it full time. Apart from improving Tiled I'll also have time to work on other interesting free tools.

The above list is just the initial milestone setup. There are more ways to spend money than living from it, but staying alive is a good start.

So please consider supporting Tiled as my patron, even if it's just a little! With the many users of Tiled worldwide, the goal should be anything but unrealistic as long as everybody adds something.

Thanks a lot for your support!