Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tiled 0.12.0 released

Please welcome the first community supported Tiled release! The main new feature in this release is the improved support for object resizing, including support for resizing polygons and tile objects. The time I needed to finalize the integration of this pull request and doing subsequent polishing was sponsored directly by my patrons. I want to thank them all for their invaluable contributions! If you're using Tiled and want to help me spend more time on improving it, please consider becoming a patron. Even a small amount is very appreciated!

There have been some smaller additions and bunch of fixes as well. Here's the full changelog:

  • Added support for resizing any object as well as multiselection (with mauve)
  • Added Control modifier for preserving aspect ratio while resizing
  • Added Shift modifier for resizing with origin in the middle
  • Added Alt modifier for suppressing selection changes when starting to drag
  • Added a Magic Wand selection tool (by Henry Jia)
  • Added tile probability attribute to tile properties view
  • Added a Donate button to the About dialog
  • Added a Patreon dialog to the Help menu
  • Added an --export-formats command line option
  • Remember the directory used for external tilesets (by Henry Jia)
  • Don't set a window icon on Mac OS X
  • Changed the way tile probability is applied (now it's relative)
  • Fixed a crash in the terrain brush
  • Fixed object selection behavior when Shift is held while clicking on nothing
  • Fixed grid snapping being applied for staggered maps even when not enabled
  • Fixed infinite memory allocation loop on invalid tile size in TMX file
  • Fixed file icon associated with TMX files on Windows
  • Fixed automapping of tile objects (by Seanba)
  • Fixed 'Export as Image' to handle out of memory errors
  • Fixed TMX files to be written in native line endings
  • Fixed .desktop file missing %f argument for passing files (by Ying-Chun Liu)
  • Fixed cursor position resetting when editing object type
  • Added Arabic (Algeria) translation (by Damene Abdelkader)
  • Updated, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish translations

Finally, many thanks to all who've submitted pull requests and to all translators who took the time to update their translations!

Now go and get it at the Download page!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Request for patrons to boost further Tiled development

Increasingly, just responding to Tiled feature requests and usage questions is taking so much of my time that it leaves barely any time for working on new features. Not only has the pace of incoming requests increased, but my spare time is also still getting smaller with my daughter growing up and a second child on the way. As nice as it is to grow a family, not having time to make often requested improvements to Tiled is also frustrating.

I want to fix this, but I can't do it by sacrificing my weekend or by working in the evenings. Instead, I'll need to give up part of my full time job. I'm asking for your support in making this possible, with monthly donations to offset the otherwise lost income. I've chosen Patreon as the platform for this.

Tiled is free software and any improvements will be available to everybody, but the rewards on Patreon are only available to patrons so check them out! Suggestions for other rewards are also welcome.

Apart from the rewards there are Milestone Goals. These clearly communicate several milestones of support and what I would be able to give back in return. Each amount includes German income taxes of about 35%.

  • $500 per month - This milestone, in addition to existing income from advertising sponsors, allows me to work one full day a week on Tiled.
  • $1500 per month - This milestone allows me to work two full days a week on Tiled.
  • $5000 per month - When support for Tiled reaches this level, I'll commit to it full time. Apart from improving Tiled I'll also have time to work on other interesting free tools.

The above list is just the initial milestone setup. There are more ways to spend money than living from it, but staying alive is a good start.

So please consider supporting Tiled as my patron, even if it's just a little! With the many users of Tiled worldwide, the goal should be anything but unrealistic as long as everybody adds something.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tiled 0.11.0 released

Yesterday I've released Tiled 0.11.0. You can read more about this release on the Tiled forum.

The changelog:

  • Added support for hexagonal maps (offset coordinates)
  • Added 'Export' action to repeat the last export
  • Added a shortcut for the Reload action (Ctrl+R)
  • Added ability to rename custom properties (by arn00d)
  • Added unique IDs to objects (by Mark van Rij)
  • Added a CSV export plugin
  • Added visual feedback when properties differ between multiple selected objects (by Parker Miller)
  • Added command-line export (by Brandon Dillon)
  • Allow dynamically changing the map orientation and grid size
  • Suppress the standard main window context menu in the collision editor
  • Lua plugin: Write out tile terrain information
  • Lua plugin: Include Tiled version in exported file
  • Flare plugin: Fixed ability to open maps with absolute paths
  • Fixed grid rendering for staggered maps
  • Fully support building and running Tiled with Qbs
  • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations

Get it at

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tiled 0.10.2 released

Another small bugfix release, fixing a potential crash and a host of smaller issues. The changelog:

  • Fixed hit area for polygon nodes when editing polygons while zoomed in or out
  • Fixed another possible crash in the orthogonal renderer
  • Fixed Select All action to work for object layers
  • Fixed map pixel size preview for staggered maps
  • Fixed repainting issues when tiles extend beyond their layer boundaries
  • Fixed repainting issues when using tiles smaller than the grid size
  • Display errors non-modal when applying automatic automapping rules
  • Flare plugin: Fixed coordinate format for import and export (by Justin Jacobs)
  • Lua plugin: Write out Image layer position
  • Small updates to the Italian translation (by Omnomnobot)

Meanwhile, I'm making progress on adding support for hexagonal maps and plan to release Tiled 0.11 as soon as this is complete. You can already try the support for "pointy topped" staggered hexagonal maps in the daily builds!

Finally, there is now a Tiled community forum. I plan to post weekly development updates there and of course any other Tiled-related topics are welcome there too!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tiled 0.10.1 released

This small upgrade is mandatory for anybody who's using the Terrain tool. It fixes a crash that was reported three times already since the 0.10.0 release. The full changelog:
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using the Terrain tool
  • Fixed missing background color information from Lua export
  • Allow using up to 3 or 4 GB RAM on 32 or 64 bit Windows systems respectively
In addition, there is now a 64-bit Windows installer available, for those who need to edit crazy huge maps!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tiled 0.10 released

It took a very long time for me to get around to this release. In part because my spare time has gotten very limited, but it's also because there were constantly many new features to be added. Either from contributors via pull requests or for sponsors needing particular functionality. Both are very good and very welcome, but I will do my best not to let the next release become as big!

In the UI the most visible change may be the new Properties dock, which should be a lot more pleasant to work with than the previous solution. A less obvious one bit still very useful is the support for writing import/export plugins in Python. I've written about both of these features in a previous post.

Apart from that there are just too many new features to talk about, so here's the full list of changes:

  • Added object rotation (sponsored by Ben Wales)
  • Added support for explicit object ordering (sponsored by Ben Wales)
  • Added new Properties window with a rewritten properties editor
  • Added support for writing plugins in Python (by Samuli Tuomola)
  • Added image collection tilesets (sponsored by Jamie Rocks)
  • Added map file watching and automatic reloading (sponsored by
  • Added support for moving objects with arrow keys (sponsored by Ben Wales)
  • Added a 'snap to fine grid' option (by Xenodora)
  • Added support for JavaScript (JSONP) load/save (by Dobes Vandermeer)
  • Added more zoom levels (by Joel Leclerc)
  • Added shortcuts for finishing and canceling object creation
  • Added a tile collision editor for defining collision shapes on tiles
  • Added a tile animation editor and play defined animations
  • Allow changing properties of multiple objects/tiles simultanously (by Parker Miller)
  • Added tile rendering-order map property (by Lennert Raesch)
  • Added support for changing the object line width
  • Added support for CSV-encoded layers to libtiled-java (by Alexei Bratuhin)
  • Added support for ellipse and polygon objects to libtiled-java (by Hendrik Brummermann)
  • Added terrain properties to JSON export (by Dennis Hostetler)
  • Added support for moving image layers in the Properties window (by Michael Aquilina)
  • Added option to include background image when saving as image (by Sean Humeniuk)
  • Added options to control layer visibility to tmxrasterizer (by Nathan Tolbert)
  • Added display of tile ID in status bar (by Champi080)
  • Added support for objects on staggered isometric maps (by Remco Kuijper)
  • Added support for staggered maps to tmxviewer and tmxrasterizer
  • Added a tool for moving the image of an image layer (by Mattia Basaglia)
  • Added button to the tileset dock as shortcut to add a tileset (by Erik Schilling)
  • Allow changing order of open document tabs (by Sean Humeniuk)
  • Changed object position and size units from tiles to pixels (by mauve)
  • Allow adding multiple tilesets at once (by mauve)
  • Make highlighted grid cells outside map red (by Sean Humeniuk)
  • Allow changing the drawing offset of a tileset
  • Fixed hang on Mac OS X when drawing certain ellipse objects
  • Fixed removal of polygon/polyline objects when resizing a map
  • Fixed writing of tile offset in the Lua export
  • Fixed updating of image layer when changing its image
  • Fixed start drag distance check when editing polygons and moving objects
  • Fixed console output of tmxrasterizer on Windows
  • Raise the Layers dock for editing a new layer's name
  • Avoid saving truncated files when compiled against Qt 5.1 or higher (by Erik Schilling)
  • Made Tiled registering *.tmx as MIME-type (by Erik Schilling)
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (by Yehnan Chiang)
  • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish translations

As with the last new feature release, the above list mentions many people who have contributed new features and fixes to this release. Thanks to everybody for putting in that extra effort!

Finally, if you want to help out by giving me more time to maintain and develop Tiled, consider donating or becoming a sponsor. Your money will count 100% towards my motivation and eventually to reducing my work hours so that I can dedicate significant amount of time to Tiled and maybe even a successor. A big thanks to all who have already donated or are sponsoring Tiled, since you are making this possible!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mac OS X daily builds thanks to new sponsor

Tiled daily builds have been available since a while for Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora and several other GNU/Linux distributions. Now there are daily builds available for Mac OS X as well!

These builds have been made possible by Steffen Itterheim from Kobold Kit, who sent me his Mac mini with a fresh install of Mac OS X 10.8. In addition he also offered to host the builds on his server. A huge thanks to Steffen for this amazing contribution!

Having access to a Mac of course has some other advantages as well. New releases will now always be available for OS X immediately, while before it would usually take a few days. Also, I should now be able to reproduce (and hopefully fix) issues that only happen on OS X.

If you're a Mac OS X user who enjoys making maps with Tiled, be sure to check out Steffen's Kobold Touch and Kobold Kit game engines. They integrate very well with Tiled and add new features based on custom properties like parallax scrolling and physics, and should be a quick way to get a headstart on your game.