Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tiled Qt 0.6.1 released

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of the 0.6.1 bugfix release! Quite a few fixes have accumulated since the last release, so it was about time to get them out there.

Of special note is that from this release on, there will be a Windows installer rather than a zip archive, thanks to Mohammad Mehdi Salem Naraghi. Since this is the first release with a Windows installer, there may still be issues. It should make installing Tiled on Windows quite a bit more pleasant.

Many fixes were made to the automatic mapping feature by Stefan Beller. Petr Viktorin and Ben Longbons allowed Tiled to open multiple files at once. The full list of changes:

  • Added ability to open multiple files at once through the file dialog and command line
  • Added Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown shortcuts to switch documents
  • Added an example to show how automatic mapping works
  • Fixed bugs, crashes and leaks in the automatic mapping feature
  • Fixed starting point for circles to be the click position
  • Fixed a memory leak when using lines or circles
  • Fixed layer opacity to be taken into account when saving as image
  • Fixed endless loop when tile size is set to 0
  • Fixed crash when passing an empty string as command line parameter
  • Fixed problems with the tileset view after switching documents
  • Fixed tile objects to be removed when their tileset is removed