Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tiled 0.7.1 released

Shortly after we released Tiled 0.7.0, a number of issues were found. Some of them were pretty critical or meant basic functionality was broken, so I decided not to wait too long with making a new release. The changes:

  • Added support for a margin around a tileset image
  • Improved the tileset manager and allow tileset reorganizing (by Jared Adams)
  • Fixed automatically adding extension to tileset Save As... dialog
  • Fixed saving/loading of layers with an origin other than 0,0
  • Fixed map resize to apply the offset to layers not matching the map bounds
  • Fixed loading of object group properties
  • Fixed duplicates of object groups to not share the objects
  • Fixed Lua export to increase firstgid of tilesets properly (by Jelle Geerts)
  • Fixed saving of property values that contain quotes
  • Fixed the state of menu actions when starting up without a map

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