Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiled Qt 0.4.0 released

With this release the Qt version of Tiled finally replaces the Java version, being on par with the most important features and more advanced in other areas. The Java version will of course remain available as well, and is still open for new maintainership.

The most important features added in this release are support for isometric maps and finalized support for translations, with translations to Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and German already complete. Also, several nice features have been contributed by other developers, including a fill tool and automatic reloading of tileset images. The full list of changes:
  • Added support for isometric maps
  • Added automatic reloading of tileset images when they change
  • Added "offset map" action that can shift a set of layers by a certain amount
  • Added a fill tool
  • Added ability to duplicate map objects
  • Added support for choosing the tile layer data format used when saving
  • Added mouse wheel zooming support to the tileset view
  • Added an object display color attribute to object groups
  • Added ability to edit tile properties through a context menu
  • Made writing out a DTD reference optional and disabled it by default
  • Made translations functional
  • Updated Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and German translations
For the next version I'd like to finish support for plugins as well as add tileset management (including proper support for external tilesets), which are two areas in which the Java version is still ahead. There are plenty of other possibilities though, and your help is greatly appreciated!

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