Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tiled Qt 0.7.1 released

Work is well underway on a future 0.8.0 release, but meanwhile also some bugs have been fixed that made it worth releasing 0.7.1. This release also updates the Czech translation and changes the way maps are exported to Lua so that they no longer rely on a global "map" variable.

  • Select stamp tool when selecting tiles in tileset view (by Stefan Beller)
  • Enable anti-aliasing in OpenGL mode
  • Small improvement to the Lua export plugin (incompatible!)
  • Fixed a bug in the Create Object tool that could lead to a crash
  • Fixed reading of maps without tilesets but with a tile layer
  • Fixed position of tile objects to center on the mouse on insertion
  • Updated the Czech translation (by Petr Viktorin)


  1. I really like the Tiled app, but it won't run on my aging MacBook Pro (x86, Snow Leopard)

  2. Any way to have a Game Maker compability?

  3. @Necdilzor

    You tell me. :-) I know nothing about Game Maker...

    Basically, if Game Maker's map format is well documented and somewhat compatible in terms of features, then it should not be a huge issue to add support for that to Tiled. You can also try to implement that yourself. Any questions are welcome on the #tiled IRC channel.


    I've asked Jeff about this, hopefully we can still make sure Snow Leopard is supported by the next build.

  4. @padapa

    A new Mac OS X build is now available, but unfortunately we're not sure how to support x86 at the moment since the binary releases of Qt for Mac only ship for x64. Somebody will probably have to compile Qt in x86 mode for this.

  5. @xyus

    I don't know anything about Mac, but padapa reported to be on Snow Leopard x86, which would mean 32-bit... (I also read on Wikipedia that "Mac OS X Snow Leopard was the last release of Mac OS X to support the 32-bit Intel Core Solo and Intel Core Duo CPUs.").

    Btw, if there's somebody with a Mac and with time on his hands, he should feel welcome to look into the issue of building a package with better compatibility.

  6. @Semtiko

    New translations are easy to add, but I don't speak Russian. Maybe you can find somebody who does, and who would like to translate Tiled? :-)

  7. Somebody started a Russian translation some time ago, but left unfinished.
    I don't know if it could be reused or extended?

  8. @Stefan Beller

    Right, that's good to mention since it probably provides a good starting point, if only a small one. It translates 10% of the current list of strings.

  9. Thorbjorn,

    A further update on running Tiled on my aging MacBook Pro. Version 6.2 and below work, but something changed in the QT files as of Tiled V7.0 ...?

  10. @padapa

    You can check in "Help -> About Qt" which Qt version was used. Probably 0.6.2 still using Qt 4.6?

  11. Is there a way to auto-generate maps using an algorithm such as diamond-square or similar with Tiled?

  12. @Dieter

    Currently there is no scripting support in Tiled so there is no way to auto-generate maps. A patch was once written that made it possible with Lua, and it's a feature that'll someday become official I'm sure. Maybe you can help? :-)

  13. Wondering if there is an export AS3 plugin? I would love to help if there is not but I'm afraid my C++ is both novice and rusty.

  14. @jclaine

    There isn't, but AS3 has pretty decent native XML support so it shouldn't be a big deal to just parse Tiled's TMX map format.

    Also see the Flash/Flixel section at https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/wiki/Support-for-TMX-maps for existing work done on parsing (and rendering) TMX in Flash.

  15. Are their any good tutorials for this software?


  16. would be great if Tiled could import Mappy's .fmp format (like used on this game: http://www.mojontwins.com/juegos_mojonos/trabajo-basura-dire-job/ - sources available to download, and the .fmp file as well), or at least somehow, the css files it can export with their exported tile files.

    btw, i tried to copy the Mappy's csv file into a .tmx file (in csv mode) - and weird is while Mappy uses '0' as first tile, Tiled uses '1', and there is no way in the .tmx file where we can set the tile '0' as first, neither on Tiled settings... :( - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/tiledvsmappy.png/ - the result is really messy, and i really wanted to use the 'tile 0' as available (when we code games for the retro-scene, the computers are very limited, and each bit counts)

    would be great if we could set another grid level (behaving just as a kind of guide or visual reference), for when we have the whole map divided into rooms, like the game cited above

    thanks! :)

  17. (that "another grid level" i told above, Mappy calls it as 'divider' - would be awesome seeing this available on Tiled as well! :) )

  18. @nitrofurano

    Thanks for the suggestions! However, I feel like I need to point out that for them to become a reality, I need help from other people, maybe people like you. :-)

    Mappy import has been a "nice to have" for a long time, and the Java version of Tiled had a half-working importer but it never got into a reliable working state. All it needs is somebody to dive into that format and to get work on a Tiled plugin, but it's unlikely that this person will be me since there are way too many other things I want to do as well.

    As for multiple grid sizes, support for that has been worked on, but I haven't gotten around to reviewing and accepting that patch yet (also can't remember whether the author was done with it now).

    In Tiled you can have empty cells, and it uses the 0 for this. Hopefully it is not a problem for you to write a small script that adds 1 to all tile IDs? If you target a platform where every bit counts, you should anyway write an exporter to a customized binary format. In the future maybe this can be through a scripting language, but at the moment you have to write a bit of C++ for it (but it's not hard!).

  19. would be awesome as well if we could change the colour of the grid (and the proposed 'divider') as well - it's hard when the the grid is always black, and we are working mostly with black tiles...

  20. @Thorbjørn thanks a lot for your feedback! :) - i'd enjoy a lot contributing with code to this project - (btw, the .fmp format, when opened with a hex-editor, like khexedit, it looks like having a kind of iff structure, from those 4 uppercase character identifiers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interchange_File_Format )

    btw, that customized binary format is not exactly the issue, because cross-compilers works on text files like these csv, into 'defb' lines on the z80-assembler or c compiler (or on the Boriel's zxbasic-compiler, which accepts assembly lines with defb as well)

    about c programming, with the huge respect i have about (recently passed away) Dennis Ritchie work and impact, i really struggle a lot on that, even on "hello world", and even more about the huge source libraries some project needs as dependencies (like QT or Gnome libraries), since the free space from the hd from my hardware is not that huge yet

  21. can these plugins be coded in python (like gimp, inkscape, blender, fontforge) or lua (like grafx2)? or if not, will this be possible in a future version of Tiled? another idea would be if Tiled could run some kind of external scripts externally (could be like scripts in python, lua, perl, ruby, whatever), and open these convertions later somehow

  22. that about 'write a small script that adds 1 to all tile IDs' is a situation i really wanted to avoid (and also would help simplifying a lot the interoperation between Tiled and Mappy) - would be really great if we could have an option of using the tile '0' as normal tile (from both file and Tiled options), and if the empty cell is really needed we could choose which ID is for this, or defaultly like 15, 255 or 65535

  23. @nitrofurano

    First of all, please stop posting further comments here since this is really not the appropriate place for dumping your findings on the FMP format or having elaborate discussions. Feel free to contact me directly about these things at "bjorn at lindeijer dot nl", use Tiled's Google Group and/or join us in the IRC channel for a chat.

  24. sorry, i didn't know where to post these messages.. :| - you can delete them if you want - and thanks for the advice! :)

  25. Awesome little tool, well done.

    One slight issue on OSX 10.5 though "Save as image" doesn't work.

  26. @Raj

    There isn't really any generic tutorial (except one in German), but you can find some ways to get started among the external links to libraries with support for TMX maps: https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/wiki/Support-for-TMX-maps

  27. Tiled is great, but I have one suggestion:

    Would it be possible to add, in the Object Properties window, functionality for entering the width/height and position in pixels as well as in tile units? What I'm imagining is something similar to how you can enter dimensions in Photoshop: the number entry field is there, and next to it is a dropdown that specifies the units -- in this case, it would be "Tiles" (default) or "Pixels".

    It might not seem too important, but it would be very convenient for me and speed up development very much, as I store many of my sprites in pixel dimensions that usually aren't factorable by the tile size, so I frequently have to open up a calculator and convert from pixels to tiles and enter a number like 38.372 for the width.

  28. Hi!
    I made ​​a translation of "Tiled" into Russian language. I have a completed .ts file (i think it's completed )) ), and i check it in "Tiled" (.qm file from Qt Linguist), and it works good ) How can i put file .ts into project git? (i'm noob in git) )) Or maybe create a pull request? Or e-mail, i dont know ) Cheers

  29. BTW - From English into Russian I translate better, than the other way around )))

  30. @Semtiko

    Feel free to just email it to me at bjorn at lindeijer dot nl. Thanks!

  31. I just noticed the "snap to grid" option. Is that new? I remember looking for it and not finding it.

  32. @Unknown

    It was added with Tiled Qt 0.6.0. Before that you could hold Ctrl to snap to the grid (which also still works).

  33. One thing I think that would be very helpful would be to allow snap-to-grid to have it's snap to definable... So that a 32 pixel tiled layout could have a snap-to to either the nearest 32 pixels (which it does currently) as well as any other number. Right now it is either to a nearest tile or no snap-to at all... oftentimes I find that I need a snap-to to the nearest 1/2 tile or 1/4 tile... so allowing snap-to to be definable in pixels would make object layout much more flexible IMHO.

    Of course, having different shapes other than just rects would be great too... but that is an old request that I think is probably at the bottom of the pile, or possibly not in the pile at all ;-)

    As always, thanks for a great utility.

  34. @Josh Forde

    Right, being able to edit object sizes in pixel units would definitely make sense!


    Yep, that's also a nice suggestion. It's already in the issue tracker as https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/issues/80, btw.

  35. Hi, do you have a Tiled Qt 0.7.1 installer for 64bit window 7? It cannot run on my laptop...

  36. @Ernest

    Hmm, I can run Tiled Qt 0.7.1 on Windows 7 64-bit without problems, just like most other Windows software that is still 32-bit. Maybe you can be more specific about the problem you're having?

  37. Thanks for reply. When i try to execute the installer, the following message prompt up...

    "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher"

    My Laptop is window 7 64-bit.

  38. @Ernest

    Hmm, I wasn't aware that some versions of Windows 7 would stop supporting 32-bit software entirely. That means it's time to look into providing 64-bit builds of Tiled for Windows.

  39. How about that 0.8.0 release, guys?

  40. @Daniel

    It's currently in "string freeze" and planned for the weekend of December 10th.

    Btw, Tiled is not developed in secret. You can follow the current development and participate at github, and there is a mailing list where I had announced the string freeze and planned release date a few days ago.

  41. @Thorbjørn
    Thanks for the quick reply, i wasn't aware there were updates somewhere other than this blog, looking forward to release!

  42. Hi,
    First of all the app is brilliant. I want to save the map as an image, when I do, there are dotted lines around the objects in the object layer. Is there anyway of getting rid of them?
    I am using the latest Qt release.

  43. @Noel

    Sorry this is at the moment not yet possible. These dotted lines are drawn to make tile objects more recognizable while editing the map, but should indeed be left out when saving a map as image (or be an option, like whether the grid should be drawn).


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